Technology in Business...

4 Jan 2018

Technology in Business...

Technology in Business...

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You know business hasn’t really changed that much. Technology has helped but now we’re just so connected. This is in part why I was able to find success.

With technology at my fingertips, I never have to be in one place. Nowadays, there are all sorts of video conferencing tools for us to use, I can take phone calls from people anywhere in the world with or without video support. Even just a regular phone makes it easier to do my job. In fact, we’ve come to a point now in business where this is the preferred way to conduct busniess. It actually works better than meeting face to face with my clients. In that respect, you know that the communications technology has been fabulous for business to business communications.

I think that social media and the connections we have in place has cultivated opportunity much faster than we ever imagined. One of our greatest assets  in today’s age is the use and re-use of Google Analytics.

We used to have to test a headline for an advertisement in the newspaper. We would run ten different headlines and see which one worked best. It might take us 10 weeks to discover which ad was most successful. Now we can put 10 headlines in a Google Adwords account; Run it for a day and we’ll know at the end of that day which headline produces the best results. So using these tools and analytics and the connectedness of social media have really sped up our processes and made things happen at a much higher rate of efficiency.

The same actions are taking place today as they did twenty-five years ago. It’a just that now, things are happening ten times, maybe even one-hundred times faster. It’s a great day and age to be in business.

I wish you all the best in your own business pursuits. Connect with me directly to learn more about Action Coach and, how we may be able to help you pursue these goals in a way that is most suitable for your line of work.

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“It’s not a goal if you know how to do it. It’s a to do list!”

- Brad Sugars


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